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I’m an endurance runner, LEGO consultant and a coffee lover. In running I race over various distances ranging from 800m up to marathons. I’m a multiple race winner, having won my first race in November 2015. I am also a multiple masters gold medallist, having become a masters athlete in and I’ve gone on to win on the track, road and cross country. I’m currently sponsored; ND:R Elite Sports Sunglasses  & Sockmine. I’m currently recovering from a bad knee injury that put my out for most of 2019 and looking to make my comeback in 2020.

If you are visiting this page then you are wanting to know a little bit more about me. My name is Richard John Hayes, most people call me Rich. In the running community I’m most commonly known as the Mohican Runner, funnily enough because of my unique hair style (it’s usually long during the summer and shaved during the winter). You would class me as an endurance runner, I race anything from 800m on the track up to marathons. I’d like to step up to ultras at some point, currently my preferred race distance is 10k’s. I prefer road running, having tried other disciplines (Fell, Trail, XC) I’ve found I’m the happiest on the road.

Away from running I currently work for the LEGO Group as a Senior Consultant. Over the years I’ve worked in various roles with the company and people class it as a dream job, You won’t get any complaints from me! I’ve over the years worked in various roles including my first job as a Submariner in the Royal Navy. I currently reside in Deepcar, Sheffield with my long suffering wife Sarah and daughter Molly. We are a very close family and we do everything together and they are my biggest supporters with regards to my running career.

This website is here to cover all aspects of my running career going forward from November 2019 onward only. I’ve had various blogs/sites over the years and this is the latest incarnation and is a clean start.

The best pace is a suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die Steve Prefontaine’s

Running has been a massive part of my life since September 2012. I discovered a passion for running after doing my local 10k as part of my weight loss journey. At the turn of 2012, I topped the scales at 22 stone, I had dropped 4 stone by the time the 10k came about. It was like a switch had been flicked and not looked back since. I am a very competitive runner and have the view if you enter a race you give 110%. This attitude has gotten me to achieve my original goals when I started out to break 90 minutes for a half marathon, 40 minutes for 10k and 20 minutes for 5k. Even after 7 years I still want to get faster but after nearly 2 years of personal setbacks with family matters and injury, I have both short term and long term goals.

I have tried various local clubs over the years but never settled at any club, I’m currently first claim runner for Uknetrunners, as I train on my own due to location/logistics this was the best option for me. Since my early days I have gone on to win 17 races, won my age category a further 25 times and meddled in a host of masters events. Running has also been a way for me to give back to charity and over the years I have done a variety of running challenges, not all have been successful but all have helped to raise funds for charities close to my heart. Including a charity using my own story for one of their campaigns back in 2014, I have helped to raise a total of £1,330,721.17. Once I recover from my knee injury I plan on doing another charity challenge in aid of my daughter.

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