Costa Coffee Meadowhall Review

Not a good start to reviewing coffee shops.

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Value - 75%
Service - 25%
Atmosphere - 30%
Beverage - 25%


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Very poor customer service, no interaction or eye contact and a very badly made latte, left be with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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Here is the first of a few new regular features on my new site. Coffee shop reviews, these reviews will be like a mystery shopper review. Mystery shopping is a method used externally by market research companies or watchdog organisations, or internally by companies themselves, to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. Costa Coffee and other major brands use them as a way of checking stores are performing to their own internal high standards.

For me when I go for a coffee, I expect a quality drink, good customer service and value for money. Each review will be rated and reviewed on the following areas: Value, Service, Atmosphere and Beverage. Each will be scored out of 100%. Hopefully people will find these useful.

I was in Meadowhall, Sheffield last night for some last minute things before our trip to Disney tomorrow and while the girls when into a clothes shop I paid a visit to the Costa Coffee on the lower high street, located outside Poundland. It was pretty quiet in the centre at the time and there was only one customer in front of me when I joined the queue.


For the record, my drink of choice usually is a medium latte with the occasional shot of Hazelnut syrup and I always have drinks to go, always preferred a take out cup to a glass. So I ordered my drink and prices have slowly increased over the past few years, although Costa is still cheaper then rivals Starbucks. What is my two biggest issues, is the cost of a shot of syrup which is now 50p! Think it’s a stupid price compared to the cost when I worked for the company. Plus now shops are passing on the cost of take out cups on to customers. Now if you are a normal bloke you don’t carry bags but now you are expected to carry a travel cup with you!?  The world has gone mad!

Anyway currently the cost of my drink is £2.75 for the latte and 50p for the syrup shot costing me £3.25. I find it soon add’s up and is the reason I’ve downsized from a large.


As mentioned above, there was only one customer in front of me, who ordered two white hot chocolates. There was 4 staff members I could see. One looked to be in charge who was sat with paperwork, one cleaning tables and two on the counter. Both had their back to me, one was training the other. I want to make a point that the newer staff member had his phone with headphones handing out his back pocket. Now not sure if policy has changed but I don’t think it’s appropriate.

At no time while they were preparing the customers drinks, did either of them look up and acknowledge me. Instead 2 minutes after joining the queue the staff member on the staff floor stopped doing that and came and served me. She was lovely and even tried to up sell me to the Ethiopian blend, which I declined. She scanned my points and I asked for my receipt. By then those on the machine had finished and even after looking at my receipt they still didn’t give any eye contact or even acknowledge I was there!


Now I’m not a fan of this store, I find it to be very cold due to being in the middle of the mall, plus when winds blowing it can be even worse. When you sit there you have little privacy as people lean on the barriers all the way round. Nothing worse then when you are having a drink you are staring into someones backside! It’s not improved in all years I’ve used it and is reason why now if I can I will opt to go to a different store or go to a different coffee shop in the centre.

It’s worth mentioning on this occasion, the store was very clean and the fridge and cake area looked fully stocked and clean. Make it very appealing to tempt people.


Back to the drink, the lady who served me had already put in the syrup shot. They ran my coffee shots off but they used what was left from the previous customers milk to poor in mine but only came halfway so they got another jug of milk and reheated it in the steamer and topped my drink up before adding my coffee shots to the drink. Now I know that is not the Costa way and is even worse in that one of the staff was teaching the other. Talk about bad practice from the start. The milk was not warm and I was unhappy that they mixed too different jugs of already steamed milk together. Needless to say it was not the quality I know and expect from the nations leading brand. I could expect some shortcuts if it was busy but it was 6pm on a Thursday evening!

Overall Thoughts

Not a good start to review coffee shops. Especially as it’s a store I know very well and expect better from. From the receipt Danny was serving/teaching and I think he needs to be re-trained himself. The new starter needs to be taught about eye contact, customer greeting, uniform standards and how to make a proper latte. The drink was of poor quality and I know why. Needless to say I will visit other coffee shops in Meadowhall in future.

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