Cycle Legend Sagan made out of LEGO

1:1 scale model of Peter Sagan

Giant large scale LEGO models are my bread and butter. I love the challenge of them and always love to see what other people can create out of LEGO. There is a 1:1 scale of Marvel’s Captain America, mosaic of Barack Obama and a replica of the scene depicting the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago. There is also an 11 metre long, 3 metre high, 1:25 exact replica of the Titanic.

The latest is a piece at the Exhibition of Models Built with Lego Parts is the life-size model of Peter Sagan. The replica figurine is a complete 1:1 scale of the double Monument winner wearing the ‘rainbow t-shirt, honouring the title of the World Champion’, despite Sagan having not worn the rainbow jersey since 2018.

To recreate the Slovakian’s enormous calves, full beard and 5ft 11in frame, the creators had to use 700,000 LEGO pieces in what is a very realistic-looking model.

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