LEGO Corner Garage Set Review

The 2019 Modular set aimed at adults

Review Scores

Build Experience - 95%
Minifigures - 88%
Parts - 85%
Playability - 96%
Vale for Money - 88%


My Score

A stunning and distinct Modular building, less than perfect, but still top notch

User Rating: 4.37 ( 3 votes)

The Corner Garage landed last year as one of the more controversial entries in the Creator Expert Modular Building line. Which is a shame. It is a superb and distinct building for your Modular City. But it does have a few flaws, and a few viewing concerns that its brethren don’t really have.


It’s a standard Creator Expert Modular Building box . If you have seen one you know what you are getting here. The only thing outside the norm is the box front picture is not the most flattering for the building within. This is our first glimpse at one of the buildings biggest “flaws”. Do to the buildings unusual geometry, the viewing angle from which you look at it can make a huge difference in your perception. It is a tall narrow building cutting diagonally across the build plate. The instructions are a thick bound book.


Much like the Downtown Diner the set includes 6 of the newer more expressive “CMF style” minifiguress as opposed to the classic smiley faces. Some hate them. Personally I love them.

We have a Male and Female mechanic for the ground floor garage. She includes the nice baseball cap with ponytail.

Also on the First floor is a short haired leather jacketed woman with a Vespa scooter. Which she is filling with gas. This is sadly our “break down” vehicle for the set.

The second floor is the office of Dr Jones Veterinarian. For it we have the Good doctor with a white jacketed stethoscope equipped torso, and a little pink clad girl. There are also several animals to populate the Vet clinic. A standard German Shepard, A bunny, a Frog, A Parrot and a fish in a fish tank

The third floor is a small studio apartment with kitchenette occupied by a youngish hipster male. he wears a nice knit sweater that we last saw in the Old Fishing Shack,

Basically a nice set of City people. They all have job appropriate expressions. The mechanics have some smudged faces.


Like all Modular Buildings this set is a parts bonanza. The high points are the shear volume of Dark Orange 1xX bricks used in this set. We have not seen that much of this color since the Town Hall. The door and window frames in Dark Green and Sand Blue are also great. It has a healthy ton of new parts. Lots of those new dual sloped cheese wedges. Lots of the new 1×2 rounded plates for angled connections and they are used masterfully here. Lots of the newer SNOT parts. There are also some unique printed parts. There are no stickers in this set. It’s all prints


The Build is superb. The ground floor is very distinct from those above it. It sports the classic Octan colors as its trim. The service garage has an ingenious mechanism for a roll up door. Such that you can get in and work inside the building, with the door up. The awning and gas pump island are a fun build and the included period tow truck is the best vehicle to be added to a Modular set yet. One major departure from previous models is the interior is untiled on this one. The full exterior of the driveways and sidewalk is tiled, but indoor is left studded. Besides the door there is a second function of a simple vehicle lift activated by pushing in the trash dumpster at the back of the building. It’s crude but works.

The Second floor is the Vets office. and it is here that you find the most detail. With the area split between a nicely appointed waiting area and the exam room. It has lots of little sub builds of equipment and tables making it the densest and most detailed part of the building.

The third floor is the 1 room studio apartment. Unusually shaped as basically two interlocked triangles. The main area has a nice couch and old school rabbit ears tv. there is a small kitchenette to the rear. In from is a small sleeping area with a single cot like bed. And amazingly your Lego Modular City finally has a toilet. Granted he has to bathe in the kitchen sink…

The roof is accessed via a hatch. It has a lounge chair and an umbrella. It feels a little sparse. It needed some more detail. Maybe some potted plants or some HVAC units?

Overall Impressions

The Corner Garage is a mixed bag. It is still one of the best LEGO sets you will ever get your hands on, like all the Modular sets. There are no duds. But this one is a bit middle of the pack as far as recent ones go. So in an effort to give positive critical feedback, here is the good and the needs improvement


  • The shear size. This building is second only to Town Hall in size and volume.
  • That gorgeous Industrial Era design, with simple sleek brickwork and the big multi-paned windows.
  • The Island build and the roll up door and delightful builds that really teach.

Not Quite as Good, Maybe do Better:

  • The set has some dd viewing angles. Due to it cutting diagonally across the baseplate when viewed from the trailing edges the building looks really narrow and unimpresive. When viewed from to high an angle the awning obscures the nice color work on the octan station. Its best viewed on a shelf at near head height. And it is best placed so the viewer is seeing it square. It works best on the leading edge of a shelf display.
  • The garage area is surprisingly empty. There is nothing on the walls. No calenders. No tools. Just one little tool chest. It’s too clean. It needs some automotive pictures and sexy tire calenders to give it ambiance. You can easily ad some by stripping accessories out of speed champions sets.
  • The Vets office is almost perfect. Although the Dr. Jones, No Snakes sign should be in another window and not above and behind the awning and gas sign.
  • It needed a Car. A second vehicle. Something with exposed and removable engine. Some nice period car that would need to be towed in. Say an AMC Pacer? If not in the main set, then as a bonus gift/purchase at the Lego store, the way the Flower Cart was a bonus meant for the Detective Office.
  • This one is a bit story light. But it’s okay it has a lot to do.

Overall it is a great Modular Building set. If you collect buildings you will regret not grabbing this one. It has some new and highly unusual build techniques to achieve those clean angled walls, While not the best of the Modulars I would still count it as a must have.

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