Slave I 20th Anniversary Edition Review

For those who cant afford the UCS version this is a must.

Review Scores

Build Experience - 98%
Minifigures - 90%
Parts - 92%
Playability - 95%
Value for Money - 63%


My Score

A display stand can be modeled after the one in the UCS set, or an aftermarket variant can be acquired. As such, I would argue that this could well be a fairly cheap alternative for the UCS Slave 1 (set 75060).

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For some reason, the Slave I has proven to be quite popular among Star Wars fans. Popular enough for Lego to produce 15 versions of this spacecraft in the past 20 years. Therefore it was an understandable choice for Lego to make this set part of its Star Wars 20th Anniversary wave of sets, and indeed, this seems to be the top end set of the wave. IMHO the designers have done such a good job that to me it is a viable candidate for set of the year 2019, not only for its price segment, but even overall. The construction was very enjoyable using many interesting techniques.

The final vehicle looks very good, and can easily be converted into a 100% display model. It is a good play set. Where initially I was somewhat skeptical of the European RRP – I got it on a discount – I now find it far more palatable. To me this is probably the best Star Wars set released to date (early August) in 2019. This definitely is a set worth saving for.

Build Experience

This set is listed as suitable for kids 10 years old and older, and having built this set I can somewhat see why this is the recommended age. There are various places where one has to pay attention during construction, and where fit is tight. The core of the vessel has a lot of Technic construction in it. Its purpose is not always completely clear early on, but only revealed later. The designer has also shown a excellent understanding of Lego geometry, creating the various angles needed, as well as leaving enough open space for additional connections and moveable parts.

All of this makes the build very enjoyable. If there is one negative, it is (IMHO) the small size of the various bags. The use of various SNOT techniques, the use of panels and bricks to cover up the gaps, and the use of snap joints and pneumatic T-joints to create connections and angles…. there is a lot to learn and see for application in one’s own MOCs.

The Minifigures

There are five minifigures included in this set: Boba Fett, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Personally I do not consider Han Solo in carbonite a minifigure.

The Boba Fett minifigure is identical to that found in the 2015 Carbon Freezing Chamber (set 75137). He is has an angry clone face, a nicely detailed (and printed) helmet. The print on the front and back of the torso and on the legs is highly detailed and very well done. The nice pauldron is the finishing touch.

4-LOM is also found in the Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (set 75167). Just as Boba Fett, he has a highly detailed print on the torso (front and back) and the legs. The print is well done. I like the metallic sheen in this print, and in the printof his eyes.

Zuckuss is unique to this set, and in fact, this is the only minifigure of this character released to date! He has a print on the front and back of his torso and his ‘leg’ piece (which is a ‘skirt’). The print is subtle, detailed and well done.

Han Solo (in non-carbonited form) is another unique minifigure. His two facial expressions are well done, and quite different. The prints on torso and legs are well done, quite subtle and highly detailed. I also like his hair piece.

Princess Leia is the commemorative minifigure. The torso print is highly detailed and well done – and of course the 20th anniversary print on the back. I would have liked the hair piece to have been a bit more crisp.

The Build

The Slave I simply looks awesome when finished. It definitely has the shape of the vehicle. I am not completely sure about the dimensions, however. The play features (the carrying handle and the spring-loaded shooters) are well integrated. There are hardly any gaps in the structure, which is an accomplishment given the off shapes of this spacecraft. Similarly, the Technic core is almost completely hidden, as are the few off-colour pieces used during construction. One of the features of the Slave 1 is that it has to tilt 90 degrees upwards for flight, and that the cockpit (or at least the seat) of the pilot and the winglets automatically turn with it. This is well replicated in this Lego model, using gravity, which shows the tremendous jog designer has done. Similarly, whatever concessions in the design have been done to integrate the play features, they are such that without too much hassle the model can be turned into a full display model. Flying the Slave by the handle is easy, as the whole construction is well balanced.

Play vs Display

This is both a play vs display model. It is very swhooshable, has some play features (the spring-loaded shooters, the ‘flying handle’, the carbonite storage compartment) and is quite easy to carry around. It is also sturdy enough to land. The shooters are integrated in such a way that operating them is easy, while it is difficult to launch the bolts by accident.

As a display model, this works equally well, pretty much the only thing missing is a display stand. Hiding the spring-loaded shooters or complete the back (with the propulsion), that should not be too difficult to do, and the required pieces are probably not too costly either. A display stand can be modeled after the one in the UCS set, or an aftermarket variant can be acquired. As such, I would argue that this could well be a fairly cheap alternative for the UCS Slave 1 (set 75060).

Overall Thoughts

Overall this is a very good, albeit somewhat expensive set. The build is a lot of fun, and the final product IMHO looks extremely good. To me, looking at what has been released so far, this is a viable Set of the Year candidate for its price range, Star Wars sets as well as an overall winner. There are four minifigures included, three of them unique to this set, and one of them – Zuckuss – the only minifigure of that character produced in 20 years of Lego Star Wars! It is a good play set, and an equally good display set. The weakest point of this set is the price, which is on the higher end of acceptable. That said, this is definitely a set worth saving for.

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