The Road Warrior Challenge

Revealing my next charity challenge

The new challenge is called “The Road Warrior Challenge” and will see me take part in 52 races in 52 weeks, so by the time I finish I will have raced a full year for The Children’s Hospital Charity. This is to show my families appreciation for what the hospital has done for my daughter since February 2018 when she suffered a stroke and they discovered she was born with a heart condition called Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome. If it wasn’t for the amazing team of doctors and nurses who have gone above and beyond in their care of my daughter on more then one occasion Molly wouldn’t be with us today. Molly will under go an operation on the 7th of November. Plus as a result of the stroke she has suffered other conditions which has meant a lot of 2018 and early 2019 was spent in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

We are as a family forever in their debt. This is my way of going some way to repaying that debt. At the time of writing this article I am still recovering from a knee injury that has put me out for most of 2019. I will announce the official start of the challenge once I am full fit again. Then it will be 52 weeks from the official start. I had hoped it would be January but I’m looking at another 6 weeks till I’m able to run again.

Challenge Guidelines

  • Run at least one of the following distances; 5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon, 20 mile and marathon.
  • All races must go on my power of 10 profile. Parkruns don’t count as they are not classed as official races.
  • As long as I complete the challenge ‘in’, ‘within’, ‘inside’ the maximum time constraints of the challenge, then I will have achieved my challenge. So, for example, I could do 3 races in one week and then none for a couple of weeks and then carry on (to cover things like family holidays). So long as all 52 races have been completed within the 52 weeks time frame.

Race List

  • TBA

Support the Challenge

You can sponsor me via JustGiving and for example could give £1 per mile I run. Every £ will go to the charity.
Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a specialist children’s hospital, providing world-class care for children all over Yorkshire, across the UK and beyond. The Children’s Hospital Charity makes Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better, by creating an environment built with children in mind. The newest addition are three world-class new wards which opened in April 2018 with £10m of your donations.

But that’s not the end of the story, they aren’t finished, they still need to build a better future for our children by redeveloping the Emergency Department (ED), Child Assessment Unit (CAU) and Cancer and Leukaemia ward as well as a building a new Helipad.

Thank you

The following companies are supporting the challenge:

If you have any other ideas in how you can help and support my challenge please get in touch.  In return I can offer advertisement on my website, publicity across social media and press releases.

What happened to this years challenge?

The original planned challenge this year was set for 9th/10th of November but the hospital set the date of her operation to 2 days before and I was unable to find a suitable weekend in 2020 to make the change so hence the bigger and better challenge, plus on top of that in May I injured my knee that put me out for the rest of 2019.

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